Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bahari Resources we take our corporate responsibility seriously; we believe that this responsibility includes Corporate and Social Accountability with both practical and ethical aspects.

Bahari is committed to delivering a tangible legacy of services and benefits to the communities in which we operate and making a positive difference to people’s lives.

We actively seek to encourage local content in our operations and to train and assist in local technology development.

Since approbation of the PSC in Comoros the Company has undertaken numerous CSR projects of varying scale. The initial medium scale project was undertaken at the community of Itsamia on the island of Moheli. The project involved the complete rehabilitation of a community health centre that had fallen into disrepair. The centre is manned in a cooperation between the Red Cross and a volunteer organization (GSV).

The community of Itsamia is well known and has an embryonic tourist industry due to the Green Turtles which routinely nest on its beaches. Bahari also through its CSR program sponsored the ‘Day of the Turtle’ festival through the printing of publicity materials and information leaflets which were distributed on the day and can be used for future festivals.

A second project was completed in February 2017 and once again involves the renovation of a building that has fallen into disrepair. This time the building is a large school in the village of Kourani Mkanga on the island of Grande Comore. The school serves a large catchment area and provides education at both primary and secondary level. Currently replacement roofing beams and new roofing sheets have been installed and work continues with the replacement of doors and windows and general renovation of the building prior to re-painting.

Other smaller scale projects include ; assistance (both financial and physical) with a re-forestation project in the North of Grande Comore, financial assistance to the Genedarmerie in Moheli, sponsorship of the Gastronomy Festival of the Indian Ocean Nations, donation of Iftar to patients in Hospital during Ramadan on all three islands, logistical assistance to the Globe Theatre to stage a performance of Hamlet in Moroni.