About Us

Ethical Business Principles

Bahari Resources is fully committed to an ethical business policy, built on the foundation of strong corporate governance and guided by the Company’s top executives.

Our belief is that a sound business strategy requires an absolute refutation of corruption, a heartfelt interest in community assistance and a deep respect and concern for the environment.

To this end, we build our policies on the principles of:

  • Proportionate procedures, scaled to the risk, that provide clear and practical guidance that can be effectively implemented and enforced
  • Top-level commitment that fosters an ethical and caring culture of responsibility
  • Risk assessment that objectively assesses internal and external country risk overall as a company and on a project-by-project basis, and that continues to update and evaluate its experience
  • Due diligence that applies risk assessment principles to third-party suppliers, contractors and agents to select for, and monitor, sound ethical behaviour
  • Training and open communication that fosters awareness of the company’s stance on ethical issues and encourages open discussion of problems
  • Monitoring and review that provides a continuous forum for improvement and innovation in our policies and programmes.