Our Strategy

Bahari’s primary focus is to identify exceptional exploration projects in under-explored or neglected regions of the Western Indian Ocean and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Being Africa-based with headquarters in Nairobi, we believe in working closely with national governments to de-risk projects through strong relationships and well-designed, expedited work programmes that maximise the chance of early exploration success. We have a strong technical team with great operational experience, but are always willing to seek partners who can bring specialised technical experience to the field.

Extended Elastic Impedance volumes highlighting sand anomalies

While our focus is firmly on oil and gas exploration and production, we also represent a strong and diverse Investor Group that believes in investing not only in the petroleum industry but also in a range of opportunities that complement the oil and gas strategy. The Group seeks to invest funds and expertise in local businesses in a wide range of sectors including agriculture, food processing, mining, cement production, telecoms and banking. We believe that this targeted investment strategy can offer long-term benefit to the host country over and above the more traditional corporate social responsibility programmes which we also undertake and create a virtuous circle of investment, industrial growth and wealth and employment creation.

Investor delegation visits the Governor of Anjouan, April 2014